Hermes: A Digital Assistant for Coordinating Invisible Work in Family Elderly Caregiving Scenarios. Benavides A., Gutierrez F.J., Ochoa S.F. (2020) In: Gao Q., Zhou J. (eds) Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Healthy and Active Aging. HCII 2020. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol 12208. Springer, Cham


2020 (19-24 Jul) |  HCI International 2020 
Copenhagen, Dinamarca
– S055: Intelligent Environments for Healthy and Active Aging 


This work introduces “Hermes”, an autonomous digital assistant and a chatbot that can assist family members organizing care task, address the individual needs of care receivers and to remind care givers on the status of the care task.

HCI International 2020

Hermes seems to be a good idea – even though the process is still quite technically motivated.

HCI International 2020